Alteration Services for Kids Outfits
Kids Outfits
18 Jul2017

A very handy service for those who have kids

Growing kids always consume more clothes than an adult. After every six months the size of a child changes and the dress you bought and thought to reuse it for the next season can become an unfulfilled dream. But don’t get dishearten, time has changed and so are the services provided by the dry cleaners. They just don’t clean your clothes, doing minor or major repairs and alterations have also become their area now days.

children's trousers alterations

children’s trousers alterations

So, if there are clothes that need alterations and repairs, you just have to bring them to your dry cleaner who offers the service and leave it upto them. From minor repairs to size alteration, they have skilled tailors for the job who can provide the exact service you have ordered. If there is one percent chance in your kids’ dress of alteration, then don’t hesitate to ask the professional.

Length Alterations:

This is a very common problem that occurs in case of kid clothing. You purchase a dress and after wearing for one time keep it away for next use. In the meantime, your child grows and the dress becomes shorter. Doing the job at home is time consuming and also you miss the technicalities that are involved in the process which only a tailor can understand. The total perfection that you hope for is not achieved.

Length Alterations

Length Alterations

Taking the dress to a dry cleaner shop and ask for alteration of a kid outfit. They will not only provide you the best service but also suggest the best way the garment can be altered and maintain the outlook. Besides stretching the length, shortening a new purchase can also be the case, the skilled tailor at the dry cleaner can provide the best service for both the cases.

Making Minor Repairs:

Kids do not understand the need of keeping their dress free from damage. So, doing minor repairs can save the dress and make it go a little longer for the wear. A clothe torn during play can become useless and sometimes that dress is an expensive one. The tailor at a dry cleaners shop can skillfully repair the damage by either changing the whole piece or using some technique if possible to make the problem vanish just like that. Also changing or zip repairs, repairing buttons or making an extra button hole if possible are other services in this regard.

zip repairs

zip repairs

Changing the size:

Other than all the above widening, the dress especially girls dresses is also in demand when you are talking about alteration. But this alteration is a major one and has to be carried out with care. Normally extra cloth has to be put in to achieve the required size. Paneling in the side ways and putting in plates for styling can be a very good idea. Also increasing the length by clever stitching of another piece with the existing one can give superb results. Then there are clothes that need fitting as they are made as a standard size and are bulgy for skinny children. For this fitting the cloth according to the size of the kid is needed which a skilled tailor at the dry cleaner can do very well.

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