Although the Jeans has Rough & Tough nature, Yet Needs Full Care While Using It
Jeans Washing
3 Aug2017

Jeans make you feel comfortable if it is cleaned properly

Jeans is the most popular dress in the whole world. It is popular in men and women, boys and girls, old and young. It is not wrong if we say that there is no other dress like the jeans. Jeans is cotton stuff with denim mixing in it. It is very rough and tough in looks but smooth in wearing. It is very strong stuff and easy to wear and use. The basic color of jeans is blue. There are different shades of blue but denim blue is its natural and real color.

Cotton is a very strong stuff. It is used not only to make pants but in shirts, work outs and many more items are made by jeans due to its rugged built. Different types of factories are made their factory uniform on order and most are of denim jeans. Its durability, reliability, and comfort are more than any other dress.

Jeans is a cotton product so its stains are also very rough and tough

Jeans is used widely and rigorously all over the world. If your work out is of jeans then there are stains of oil, grease and many other tough stains with grime will catch your work outs. Proper care is required. Its toughness makes the problem for it sometimes. In a workshop, you can’t live without stains and very rough stains you get in factories.

stain removal

stain removal

That’s why stain removal is necessary. These are inevitable and for this, the workout has been made in jeans. Proper cleaning of jeans is also not an easy task. A Proper and prescribed method of cleaning is necessary to remove stains from jeans. A thorough wash with powerful detergent is required with mild hot water. Washing timings are also different for jeans. May be common load in routine washing take fifteen minutes, but jeans load may take thirty minutes.

Label has its own importance

Jeans is mostly made of cotton but sometimes there are some polyesters that are also mixed on demand for some stretching. It depends on the requirement of the clients. Cotton stuff has no elasticity in it so some jobs required stretching of legs, arms etc. so polyester is added to make those jeans. Before washing or dry cleaning, a label is very important. If there is any polyester stuff mixed in your jeans, then it requires a different type of treatment than the pure cotton stuff jeans. The label tells the whole story about the stuff and its requirements.

Label Checking

Label Checking

Powerful detergent is required to clean jeans, especially for jeans work outs

As we told that jeans are a rough and tough dress and stuff, it requires reactive washing detergent to clean and remove stains from the surface. Don’t mix jeans with other clothes in a load, make the separate load of jeans with specific treatment.

washing detergent

washing detergent

Don’t mix up jeans with other soft and delicate clothes. Jeans is tough one it may harm the delicate stuff if both are in the same load, so be careful while you sorting clothes. Detergent should also be different for jeans and other stuff requires mild and soft detergent, so it is necessary that jeans are washed separately.

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