Bed Bugs are Indication of Moist Atmosphere
bed sheet cleaning
12 Jan2018

They become a big problem if not given proper attention

In parts of earth where sun shines at its full and always provide heats to everything is a blessing. We often take hot sunny weather as a torment, but in fact it is very important for the healthy side. Many germs get killed in high temperatures and your body and everything else is purified this way.

Countries where sun comes up seldom and winter season prevails most of the time, they deal with many serious pesticides and germs and bed bugs are one of them. To kill all bed bugs cheaply and simply the best way is to wash clothes and bedding. You might think that the parasite is limited to your bedding but this is not the case. Where ever the surface with bed bugs touches another cloth, shoes, rugs, luggage or draperies those get infected.

Just a simple thing which is to be applied is heat in any form and you have a perfect result. And when it is to be applied in a damp place it is an artificial one but still it will be effective.

bed bugs

Bed Bugs

The Quick Steps

First thing which you can do to make the whole environment safe is to separate the infected lot as soon as possible. You can put the things in a trash bag and then put it in sunshine. It is estimated that a temperature of 120 degree Fahrenheit is to be reached for eliminating any signs of these critters.

So, the temperature inside the bag should reach 120 degree to get rid of this problem. Another way could be to wash your clothes in hot water with this much temperature or putting them in a hot dryer is sure to help.

If the washing option is selected, then one thing which is to be made sure is to have them completely dry before storing. Moist and damp places are a favorite habitat to these parasites. Also the bag should be immediately put into another bag to prevent it from spreading.

Other Methods that can be used for the Purpose

Apart from washing and applying heat there are other effective ways that can capture these tiny creatures effectively, but make sure to do it right or else you will spread the problem more.

One way is to control bed bugs by hands which require some helping tools that are present at home. Another one is by applying freezing temperature that will either injure or kill them due to freezing resulted by such high freezing conditions.

Bed Bugs Laundry

Bed Bugs Laundry

Then steamers that can reach such a high temperature can also do the job effectively if applied in the right way. Vacuuming can also help to some extent for reducing this problem but a total finish is not possible by this method.

Saving from re-infestation

If by applying any of the above mentioned ways you still have infestation present in your house then put the clean clothes in a bag and store them as it is. The problem is not an easy one and it becomes necessary to eradicate before it spreads to the whole place. You have to take serious steps and the results will be amazing. One thing is for sure; you have to keep your place dry and clean to avoid any such outbreak.

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