Blanket Washing
8 Feb2018

Winter becomes pleasing with clean bedding Many people take winter as a boring and bounding season, which is true to some extent but with the right equipment you can enjoy it as any other time of the year. Right clothes give you the liberty of moving outside with ease and enjoy the snow and refreshing […]

6 Feb2018

Gloves of different stuff require care as well Garden gloves are important for gardening and require great care as well Gardening requires garden gloves as it is a work of dust work. It is full of entertainment but you remain in the soil all the time when you are in gardening. Special dress or special […]

covers cleaning
29 Jan2018

Different Fabrics with Different Cleaning Methods These loose covers can be an amazing thing which can change the look of your old sofas and other upholstery. You don’t have to change your sofa set, again and again, to have a new look for your room, instead change the covers and the task is complete. Some […]

Dry Cleaning services
8 Jan2018

How to deal with messy clothes? Your clothes introduce you before you do it for yourself. Clean clothes are not just reflection of your personality but also replicate your elegant choice of clothing. With the passage of time, people’s choice changes continuously and so does fashion. No matter we are in Stone Age or in […]

Dry Clean Clothes
5 Jan2018

The Modern Art of Cleaning Clothes As per its name shows, dry cleaning is a dry process of cleaning clothes and textile. Laundry was the common way of cleaning clothes for many years. From washing procedure of beating garments on rocks by the river till pushing buttons on programmed washing machines, the process depends on […]

Fungus from Clothes
29 Nov2017

Take care of this problem before it eats up the outfit Ever thought of what will you do if this disastrous micro biotic creature finds the way to your wardrobe? If you live in a moist area then you should keep your knowledge updated on what to do if your clothes start to build up […]

Dry cleaning
17 Oct2017

Jeans is a rough and tough stuff, but be careful about its fading after frequent washing Jeans is a popular stuff and it is worn all over the world by youngsters, boys and girls and old fellows as well. By frequent washing in washing machines, its color fades away. The detergent and soap erodes the […]

Bed Sheets
3 Oct2017

Fresh smell of your bed sheet makes you comfortable Bed Sheets Need Special Wash, Once a Week We spreadsheets on our bed to make them graceful, comfortable and soothing. Bed sheets are of different materials but cotton and silk bed sheets are popular all over the world due to their versatility. It is advised to […]

Hand Washing
21 Sep2017

It is very easy if you are not a sluggish fellow Hand washing of clothes is very old and useful technique If you are getting ready to wash the stuff by hand, then before washing them, keep in mind these things. Check the label first Test the colorfastness Keep in mind the shape of fabrics […]

Jeans Washing
3 Aug2017

Jeans make you feel comfortable if it is cleaned properly Jeans is the most popular dress in the whole world. It is popular in men and women, boys and girls, old and young. It is not wrong if we say that there is no other dress like the jeans. Jeans is cotton stuff with denim […]