Dry Clean your lovely pair of shoes
shoes Dry Clean
4 Apr2017

This precious belonging of women can be restored fully

You spent hours in finding a shoe that fits you well, looks good on your feet and have that miraculous comfort you always wanted for your feet. Such a shoe is said to be made for your feet only and remains in your shoe-rack for a long time. But what if your favorite pair of shoes get worn off from daily routine or if used in a rainy or winter season as you do not want to lose them or throw them away, a very simple solution is to find a dry cleaner who deals with problems related to shoe repairs and have your favorite pair of shoes back in your wardrobe with brand new look.

What Services are provided by the Professionals?

It is not easy to replace an expensive pair of shoes often, it hurts a lot especially when those shoes were used for very few times and then stored in the cupboard to keep them safe from outside dirt and weather conditions. But when you take them out for the season they are either stained or have changed color or there is fungus all over them due to humidity or lack of air. A professional at the dry cleaner can handle all these and many more problems of shoes and make them of use again even better than before.

Shoe Shining

Shoe Shining

Shoe Shining and Conditioning:

A shoe cannot be washed with water and soap as a cloth can be. To take care of a shoe is a difficult task especially ones that have leather material. The technician very carefully inspects the shoe material and then decides what method to employ for cleaning to repairing it. With especial UV method, the shoes are freed from bugs or any other odor creating substance. The shoes are also treated for any fading or tearing apart, or coloring them again can also be done. The polishing and cleaning the outer surface can prevent a shoe from damaging.

Heel Repairs:

After wearing a shoe several times, the heels get damaged the most and the front sole also that touches the ground more than the center. The professionals at dry cleaners can make the heel repair with rubber coating at the end or in the front or change the heel overall if required. The heels can be cut if they are not comfortable or according to the size you wanted. In such a case a proper balance of the shoe should be re-established.

Heel Repairs

Heel Repairs

Over all Shoe Repairing:

If the condition of your shoe is bad to such an extent that they cannot be repaired by doing a single repair then the expert professional at the dry cleaner can re-stitch, replace the heels, zippers or buttons (if any), or dye the shoe again to restore it to the original state.

Shoe Repairing

Shoe Repairing

The inner lining and sole can also be replaced with the soft deer skin to make that hurting edges disappear. All the techniques are used with care and according to the nature of the shoe so as to avoid any mishap.

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