The Dry Cleaning Service
Dry Cleaning services
8 Jan2018

How to deal with messy clothes?

Your clothes introduce you before you do it for yourself. Clean clothes are not just reflection of your personality but also replicate your elegant choice of clothing. With the passage of time, people’s choice changes continuously and so does fashion.

No matter we are in Stone Age or in present day life, clothes always remain the basic necessity of man at all time to cover themselves. The washing methods of clothes have also changed now.

From beating garments on rocks by the river to pushing buttons on latest washing machines, all process depends on water. There are some elements in water which are harmful to your clothes and their colors.

But now at the modern age, time is changed and so are the cleaning procedures. Laundry was the common way of washing clothes for many years. Dry cleaning as its name shows is a dry process of cleaning clothes and textiles.

Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

Brief features of Dry Cleaning

A short detail of dry cleaning, so you may know exactlywhat dry cleaners do with your clothes when you drop them off at their site.

Drycleaners clean untidy clothes with harmless chemicals like hydrocarbon solvents and alkalis instead of detergents and water. Major reason for using these chemicals is to protect your precious clothes and their color from unsafedetergents and to soak up oil and dirt stains properly. Not only this but also these chemical agents capable to hold the dirt and soil during wash cycle and flushes them out later in spinning section.

Dry cleaners return clothes in a qualityorder of cleanliness. Eacharticle ofgarment goes through a proper process of cleaning, beginning from a complete observation of fabric which goes in stain removing and cleaning section later, after that finally and detailed inspection of clothes and then packing of garments. Dry cleaners not only use harmless chemicals but also latest equipment’s and tool for making clothes spotless and shiny.

Ironing Service

Ironing Service

Dry cleaners are dedicated and devotedfor offering marvelous services with emergent andpioneering latest machineries to provide you clean and crisp outfits.

Other services offers by Dry Cleaners

Range of services includes

  • Dry Cleaning
  • Steam Laundry
  • Alteration
  • Ironing & Steam Pressing
  • Blanket & Quilt Cleaning
  • Wedding & Formal Dress Cleaning
  • Home Interiors
  • Car Interiors

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