Fading in jeans is very common, use friendly detergent
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17 Oct2017

Jeans is a rough and tough stuff, but be careful about its fading after frequent washing

Jeans is a popular stuff and it is worn all over the world by youngsters, boys and girls and old fellows as well. By frequent washing in washing machines, its color fades away. The detergent and soap erodes the dye and discolors them. It is made of pure denim and cotton. Wash it with care with mild detergent that is friendly with stuff and with color as well. Here are some important steps to prevent jeans colors from fade away.

Wash jeans infrequently

Jeans is a rough and tough stuff and requires cleaning and washing but not as frequent as other cloths. It requires washing once a month or after more than a month. If you have spots on your jeans try to wash them by hand rather to throw it into the washing machines.

Jeans Washing

Jeans Washing

Turn inside out prior to wash

This practice will keep your jeans new along with fast color after each wash. Put your jeans inside out and put into the washing machine with mild detergent. This will be less harmful to the color of jeans. These processes will save the outer side of your jeans from rubbing the washing tub of the washing machine. This is the major cause of fading.

Use color preventing detergent or try vinegar

There are color preventing agents and detergents available in the market. Use them with each wash to protect colors from jeans and other stuff. If you don’t want to use chemicals, then use vinegar to protect color. Vinegar has the property to give strength the color to stay on the cloth. Many dry cleaners use it for dry cleaning.

Wash jeans with other dark color clothes

It is noticed that if jeans is washed separately in the washing machine, it fades more color but when it is packed with other dark color clothes into the washing tub the fading of color is reduced, so always put it with dark color clothes to prevent its color.

washing detergent

washing detergent

Gentle wash and low spin cycle is a good remedy

Jeans is a natural stuff product and its color is fast but speedy wash cycle with high water temperature it can fade away, so wash jeans in low spin cycle and use cool water. This will prevent fading of color of your costly jeans. Hand wash option is the best for jeans if your washing machine has this option. It will deal jeans as natural as human hands.

Air dry will prevent its color

If you have enough time and sunlight with warm air, then never ever put your jeans into dryer drum. Fresh air with warmth will dry your jeans slowly and gradually but dryer drum will give them rotation on very high speed and by this process the life of jeans reduces and its color fades away. Put your jeans in warmth but in shade never put it into direct sun to dry, direct sunrays are not good for its colors. If it is not possible, then put your jeans in direct sun but cover it with light cloth to protect it from direct contact of rays with it.

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