Gardening without neat and clean protective gloves is difficult
6 Feb2018

Gloves of different stuff require care as well

Garden gloves are important for gardening and require great care as well

Gardening requires garden gloves as it is a work of dust work. It is full of entertainment but you remain in the soil all the time when you are in gardening. Special dress or special equipment are required for gardening.

If you have a small garden in your house, then you must require garden gloves and garden equipment to perform duties well. Garden gloves are designed and made with special material that protects your hands from any cut or any piercing of thorns. It is of very hard stuff but flexible as well. It allows your hand to work properly but strong enough that it can protect your hands.

Gardening With gloves

Gardening With gloves

Rinse your gloves thoroughly after usage

Garden gloves are made by special stuff and it is made by water proof fabric. After usage rinse your garden gloves in cold water thoroughly. This process will clean the stuff outwardly and if you need to clean from inwardly then fill the gloves with water to clean them from inwardly as well. If you know the dry cleaning and laundry process, washing the garden gloves is easy.

It is necessary in this sense that there are some creases and folds in the stuff and dust remain there in grooves, creases and folds. Rinse thoroughly and get neat and clean gloves for next time.

Gardening gloves cleaning

Gardening gloves cleaning

Use washing machine

To clean your gloves with detergent use washing machine to get neat and clean gloves. Cotton made gloves are required thorough washing. Washing machine with soft detergent is good for cotton gloves to clean them properly.

There may be stubborn stains of dust and plants on the gloves after usage then it is necessary to remove them in washing machine with soft detergent. It is good to read the label first then use the appropriate process to clean the gloves.

Washing Machine

Washing Machine

Leather stuff needs special requirement

Leather garden gloves are popular for cold weather. It is not suitable for summer seasons and sweaty climate. If you have leather stuff, then brushes it thoroughly after each usage.

After removing soft dust from the gloves then apply saddle soap to wash them properly. Put on one glove in your hand and use paper towel to clean saddle soap from the glove gentle rubbing is necessary because saddle soap is enough to clean the leather stuff of the gloves.

Leather stuff requires Linseed oil for maintenance

Linseed oil is very good for the health of leather gloves.  It is especially designed for thick leather as garden gloves are. Linseed has the property to maintain leather stuff. It gives shine to the stuff and repairs it as well.

Rubber gloves need not exclusive care except washing with detergents and water

Rubber gloves are especially designed for gardening. They need not exclusive care but thorough washing with detergent. They are not reliable so they are just for temporary basis or for time being.

After washing, allow them to dry in open air to dry properly inside and outside. The gardening field requires proper equipment and gloves. Without these things you can’t manage gardening properly. Neat and clean equipment and gloves give you confidence.

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