Hand Washing is a Traditional Way to Get Neat and Clean Clothes
Hand Washing
21 Sep2017

It is very easy if you are not a sluggish fellow

Hand washing of clothes is very old and useful technique

If you are getting ready to wash the stuff by hand, then before washing them, keep in mind these things.

  • Check the label first
  • Test the colorfastness
  • Keep in mind the shape of fabrics
  • Separate light and dark
  • Select the detergent
  • Make soapy water in right quantity in which clothes can be dipped properly
  • Kneading
  • Rinsing
  • Drying

Before washing, check out the label first. It gives you proper information about the stuff, temperature it requires, detergent it needs and so on. By label, you can make an exact idea what you have to do with stuff. Same qualities holder stuff or labels can be washed together. You can also use the piling technique after reading the labels. Make a pile of each type of clothes separately and wash them according to their requirement.

Types of Fabrics and their Colors

Different types of clothes have different types of colors, some are fast and some are not. Please check it before washing that the color of the stuff is fast or not. You may get the very strong idea by dipping and rubbing of the corner of the stuff into the soapy water. If the color is fast, then no problem but if the stuff loses its color then don’t mix it with other stuff while you dip the clothes into soapy water.

Check the Dimensions of Clothes

Some clothes lose their shapes during hand washing, so be careful about this phenomena. Dry cleaning is suitable for these types of stuff. The best solution of this is to get a sketch of the stuff before washing and afterward you can set them in their original shape before drying because if they dry without shape, it will be difficult to mend or give them the proper shape. Never hang such type of stuff on rod or wires but spread flat after washing.

Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning

Sorting and Piling

You have to make piles according to the colors. Light with light and dark with dark. This helps you a lot in hand washing. Dark colors are often dirtier than light color stuff, so take them separately and wash them separately for good results.

Your selected washing detergent is very important for good hand washing. It should be according to the stuff you are going to wash. If you require mild detergent but you are using harsh and hard detergent then it will be harmful to your skin and your stuff as well. Once again, label helps you out from the problem regarding the selection of detergent.

Sorting and Piling

Sorting and Piling

You have to make enough soapy water in which each and every stuff could be dipped properly or thoroughly, for this purpose use bathtub or any big utensil you have. Thoroughly dipping into soapy water is the guarantee to get neat and clean clothes after washing.

Kneading is very important in hand washing, by this process the stuff can be cleaned properly. Shuffling and kneading are two techniques, used in hand washing to get ultimate results. After ten minutes, kneading and shuffling of the sides of clothes are necessary for hand washing.

After dipped for almost quarter an hour into the soapy water and proper kneading, rinse the stuff properly and thoroughly. Proper rinsing is very effective to remove grime from the stuff.

Dry them up in open sunlight and manage their shapes before drying.

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