Keeping the Whites White is a Tricky Job
White dress dry cleaning
11 Jul2017

White clothes require a totally different set of instructions for perfect cleaning

A housewife, a bachelor, an independent student or a working woman; who ever you are, knows the importance of keeping the white clothes clean and as white as new. But it is a difficult job and many of us do not buy white colours due the difficulty with which they get cleaned. Always taking the minor stains to the laundry or dry cleaner is not a wise thing to do and also it is not possible due to busy routines.

There are some very effective remedies and ways with which the stains can be treated at home and you get the same results as a professional cleaning. Now, it does not necessarily work on every fabric and makeup of a dress. The formal dresses like gowns or tuxedos have to be taken to the dry cleaners for a proper treatment. Fabrics like silk, satin, furs etc are very delicate and can get damaged; taking them for a careful cleaning is needed.

Garments cleaning

Garments cleaning

Wash Separately:

No matter how short time you have, wash the white clothes separately. Even if you know that a particular cloth do not give off color while washing the invisible small thread particles can get stick to the outfits and are impossible to get off even after many washes. White is a very permeable color and anything that gets coated on it never comes off especially the colors of other clothes. So, it is good to be careful and wash whites of your wardrobe separately to avoid any unpleasant experience.

white dress washing

white dress washing

Treat the Stains First:

Now it is not compulsory for colored clothes but it is for white ones to treat the stains separately and before wash. Taking the detergent in a very small amount and rubbing the affected area can solve the problem, but a more useful way is to use a stain removal fluid that can be more helpful for the process. It is not necessary that using a lot of detergent can guarantee a clean wash; it can damage the fabric and destroy the white color.

Using the Bleach with care:

Bleach is an effective way to keep the white clothing as it does stain removal from the outfit. But its excessive use can be harmful and make the white garment appear yellowish or grey. The more you put it in the water exceeding the recommended quantity, the more it will become harmful for clothe. Not only that it destroys the color, it also weakens the threads of the fabric.

white dress ironing service

white dress ironing service

Other Home Techniques:

Now for home remedies that work efficiently and magically for the white color mostly relate to the kitchen. Vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide all work as a very effective satin removal and whitening agent. Please do not try all these things on delicate fabrics as they can harm the cloth and put permanent stains of themselves on them which become very hard to get treated even by a professional.

You do not do well to the outfit this way and damage it forever. Also after wash, dry the white clothes immediately so that there are no chances of forming mould or mildew due to moisture. This will ultimately result in discoloring.

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