Loose Covers Look Beautiful When Clean
covers cleaning
29 Jan2018

Different Fabrics with Different Cleaning Methods

These loose covers can be an amazing thing which can change the look of your old sofas and other upholstery. You don’t have to change your sofa set, again and again, to have a new look for your room, instead change the covers and the task is complete. Some sofas have the choice to remove the whole frame cover and some only have removable cushion covers.

In any way you can have variety and change is always refreshing. But how to maintain these covers as it is not every day you do the exercise of purchasing a new set and then have it sewed. There is a variety of cushion fabrics and they have to be cleaned according to their make.

Some can be machine washed some cannot be, the label says it all. So never forget reading the label before conducting any of the methods. If dry cleaning is indicated then do not go for a machine wash and if the case is otherwise then you can avail the method easily.

Loose Covers

Loose Covers

Where and how to machine wash?

If you are doing it at home then do it only if you have a large machine size. A recommended way is to put all the covers in the machine at once so that every piece gets the same treatment giving a harmonious look. As when you go for a second or third wash the result may not be the same and difference starts to appear when you put them back on the furniture. Going to a launderette is a good idea as there are big machines which have a good capacity and can handle bulk pretty well. Also it will spare you from the tiring exercise of doing all the hassle at home.

Why to go for dry cleaning?

There is a big chance of shrinking in case of sofa and cushion covers as most of the time they are not washed before making. This creates a big problem as it does not fit according to the size of your object and there can be nothing done for it.

covers cleaning

covers cleaning

Such covers are sent to the dry cleaner to remain in a safe side and have your covers cleaned. Also if you have rigid stains and they are not going away by using available products then a dry cleaner can provide a perfect solution. Putting the covers back on the frame while they are not completely dry is not a good idea as it can form mildew under the surface. It will slowly eat up the frame and fabric leaving behind nothing but regret.

Precautions for washing

One thing which is to be made sure is the colorfastness of the cover. If it passes the patch test then well and good you can confidently go ahead. In the same way you have to be sure about the shrinkage, and same patch test can be conducted for this purpose also. Do not put your covering at risk before you are sure about the results. Money should not get wasted as it is earned with hard work and effort.

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