Neat and clean carpets without any stains give a good impression
carpets cleaning,
8 Dec2017

To remove stains, use stain removers as per requirement

Stains on carpets, give a bad impression

We are using different techniques to cover the floors of our houses, rooms and offices. Carpets, mats and sheets are used for the purpose but carpets are the most popular medium to cover the floors due to their grace, softness and quality of remaining healthy in tough environment under wild wear and tear. Carpets are made of natural fiber, cotton and mixed fabric.

carpets cleaning

carpets cleaning

Try to avoid direct contact of liquids with carpets

Care is the best solution to avoid stains but it is quite natural that carpets get dirty in live houses. Debris, loose dirt and dust are quite natural because we can’t restrict these things from entering our homes but stains can be avoided by giving proper care and attention. It is the best remedy for carpets’ good health to avoid direct contact of liquids with the carpet.

Liquid stains are the most common problem for carpets and the reason is our careless attitude towards it. If you are using liquid or you are dining on the carpet, it is quite sure that stains will be there.

First spread some extra sheet or plastic sheet to avoid direct contact of food, oily things and liquids with the surface of carpets. Careful attitude in using carpets make them neat and clean and stains free.

Neat and clean carpets

Neat and clean carpets

Remove as much dust, dirt, debris and stains as possible

It is the best remedy before the real treatment of stains. Different type of stain removers are available in the market to remove stains of carpets but before using them try to remove as much dust, debris, dirt and stains as possible. It is pre-process for removing stains from the surface.

You can cut short the quantity and density of stain by adopting this method and it will help you when you remove stains permanently with the help of stain removers.  Blotting, tapping, sucking of stains are genuine techniques to remove stains as much as possible.

Then apply stain removers as per requirement and need to remove the stain completely. Your carpet stuff will tell you what kind of stain remover it is required and what is the right quantity of the stain remover.

Stain remover

Stain Remover

Use distilled water on the surface where you have used stain remover

Stain remover has some stains of itself on the surface of the carpets and carpets’ color may be changed. To remove these things from your costly carpets use nothing except distilled water.

Distilled water has the ability to remove that shady touch of the color of the stuff. Damped cloth piece is good to rub the stainy surface to match out the color with rest of the carpet. Otherwise, the cleaned surface remains prominent and visible and noticed as a stain itself.

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