Old Towels can be used in Different Ways
6 Oct2017

They help you even after their lifespan

Towels are made of cotton, recycle them and use them in different ways

Cotton stuff is very rough and tough in texture. It is widely used in home needs in different ways such as towels, dusters, bed sheets, cushions, pillow covers, curtains and much more. Sometimes, these things need dry cleaning and sometimes, wash at home. After long time usage, it remains healthy but we are in the habit to change these things after a season then doesn’t throw away the old stuff but use them in different manners and ways.

Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

You can use them as a bath rug

Old Towels are best for bath rug. They are very absorbent, so you can sew them in a different style and required thickness to make a good bath rug to use. If you are used to taking bath in the bathtub, then it is very good for you to use it as a bath rug while you are drying your body after a shower.

Old Towels are best for bath rug.

Old Towels are best for bath rug

A facecloth can be made by less worn area of towel

Facecloth is used as a handkerchief. If it is made of soft cotton and absorbent enough to soak sweat or remove dust and dirt from your face than it is very good, especially if it is available free of cost than it is better. Your cotton stuff, especially old towels are best to make facecloth you can use them as a handkerchief.



Double layered facecloth is in fashion

You can use two different colored old towels to make a facecloth more soft and stylish. Cut two different pieces of cloth in the same measurement and sew them in any design to get outstanding and colorful facecloth. It is double in thickness, so it works well and colorful also.

You can make cleaning cloth

Cotton stuff is best for cleaning and dusting due to its thickness and picking dust quality from different things. If your towels are not in a good condition to make them useful in any other form, don’t through them out. They are best for dusting and cleaning, especially for kitchen cleaning, dusting, and rubbing. You can use them to dry crockery after washing. You can use them to clean glassware you have.

Towels cleaning

Towels cleaning

Comfy sleepers can be made by old towels

You can cut them according to your sleepers and wrap them accordingly on your sleepers in winter especially and enjoy comfy sleepers. They can be used in several ways they can give you warmth, they can soak water from your feet in winter and they can soft to touch to your feet skin.

Towel turban is necessary for ladies

Ladies have long hair, difficult to dry after a bath and it looks bad to let your dripping hair get everything wet. You can make the towel turban to solve this problem. This is a great way to use an old towel. Old towels have enough absorbent quality to make towel turban and to soak water from your hair.


I think it is the best use of old towels to donate them to some needy of the society such as car washers. Give them to any nonprofit group to use. Animal shelters always need towels, sheets, and blankets. They can use your donation in their shelters.

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