Shirt ironing ,
6 Nov2017

Shit Ironing Tips We are pretty sure that most of the people will agree that ironing is a boring and tiresome work and many people don’t want to do it even once. If you are one of them, then you are reading the right article. Priory dry cleaners provides a professional shirt ironing service It […]

Dry cleaning
17 Oct2017

Jeans is a rough and tough stuff, but be careful about its fading after frequent washing Jeans is a popular stuff and it is worn all over the world by youngsters, boys and girls and old fellows as well. By frequent washing in washing machines, its color fades away. The detergent and soap erodes the […]

6 Oct2017

They help you even after their lifespan Towels are made of cotton, recycle them and use them in different ways Cotton stuff is very rough and tough in texture. It is widely used in home needs in different ways such as towels, dusters, bed sheets, cushions, pillow covers, curtains and much more. Sometimes, these things […]

Bed Sheets
3 Oct2017

Fresh smell of your bed sheet makes you comfortable Bed Sheets Need Special Wash, Once a Week We spreadsheets on our bed to make them graceful, comfortable and soothing. Bed sheets are of different materials but cotton and silk bed sheets are popular all over the world due to their versatility. It is advised to […]

Woolen Stuff
28 Sep2017

Stretching of woolen stuff before drying completely, give them proper shape once again  Wool stuff and Wool hats cover our heads and ears in winter; keep them neat and clean and odor free We use wool hats in the winter season to protect our heads and ears from winter effect. We use hair oil to […]

Hand Washing
21 Sep2017

It is very easy if you are not a sluggish fellow Hand washing of clothes is very old and useful technique If you are getting ready to wash the stuff by hand, then before washing them, keep in mind these things. Check the label first Test the colorfastness Keep in mind the shape of fabrics […]

Jeans Washing
3 Aug2017

Jeans make you feel comfortable if it is cleaned properly Jeans is the most popular dress in the whole world. It is popular in men and women, boys and girls, old and young. It is not wrong if we say that there is no other dress like the jeans. Jeans is cotton stuff with denim […]

Kids Outfits
18 Jul2017

A very handy service for those who have kids Growing kids always consume more clothes than an adult. After every six months the size of a child changes and the dress you bought and thought to reuse it for the next season can become an unfulfilled dream. But don’t get dishearten, time has changed and […]

White dress dry cleaning
11 Jul2017

White clothes require a totally different set of instructions for perfect cleaning A housewife, a bachelor, an independent student or a working woman; who ever you are, knows the importance of keeping the white clothes clean and as white as new. But it is a difficult job and many of us do not buy white […]

professional dry cleaners
3 Jul2017

Its result is very good and fruitful Sorting is very important for good and careful washing Washing at home is not a science but it is an art. Washing procedure requires some techniques to produce good results. Long lasting life of clothes and wearing depend on this art of washing. Washing is not just to […]