zip repairs
16 Jun2017

It is not difficult to stitch a zipper with your clothing Zipper has its own importance in dressing industry Zipper is a minor item in dressing industry but it has its great importance in this field. We can’t use buttons everywhere on our pants, trousers and jeans. It is zipper that facilitates us in different […]

Suede, Leather & waxed garments cleaning
8 Jun2017

They require care to give their impression Suede couch cushions require care We use suede abundantly in our furniture industry now a day. There are several reasons in its vast usage in this industry. It is very durable stuff, you can buy it easily from time to time if required and it fulfills the requirement […]

Net Curtains
1 Jun2017

Their lighter touch gives you the feeling of freshness Net curtains allow light and air pass through the house and need cleaning on regular basis When we construct our houses, window openings are necessary for a healthy, lightning and airy environment in the house. Windows play important role in the ventilation of the houses. Houses […]

4 May2017

Ask for this miracle service from your dry cleaner to keep your new purchase protected You love the look of your brand new purchase, whether it is a garment, carpet or sofa set with fabric furnishing, any outerwear, purse, shoes etc. and want to protect it from every stain that can penetrate into it and […]

Stains Remove
10 Apr2017

Explore these thirteen notorious stains, be informed and learn how to clean them in no time, get expert opinion at your local dry cleaner Stains on your clothing, beds and your carpets are actually the real frustration boosters for you, however before you throw away that blouse on bed or plan to change your carpet […]

shoes Dry Clean
4 Apr2017

This precious belonging of women can be restored fully You spent hours in finding a shoe that fits you well, looks good on your feet and have that miraculous comfort you always wanted for your feet. Such a shoe is said to be made for your feet only and remains in your shoe-rack for a […]

Leather Bag
29 Mar2017

Neat and clean leather bags and purse are essential for our daily life Neat and delicate Leather purse gives you confidence As a human being, we are always trying to impress others sometimes by our knowledge, by our good physique, by our wealth, by our talents, by our personality and sometimes by things we use […]

Key cutting
20 Mar2017

Sticky locks can make the situation worse, give them proper attention The situation becomes critical if the door lock sticks On earth face there are uncountable houses in which human beings consider them safe and secure. We use different types of material to build our houses but in the door selection, the most appropriate material […]

Carpet washing
13 Mar2017

Keep your carpets clean and stay healthy Carpet washing is not an easy job to do Carpet gives your house a good, neat and clean look. Its use is more than any other households. Each and every thing is put on it because it is considered as the part of floor, but the actual is […]

10 Stains Removing Tips
6 Mar2017

Removing common stains is no easy task Continuously consider the sort of texture, and look for expert cleaning in case you don’t know what you can and can’t have any significant bearing — it’s a great deal less expensive to pay for an expert’s assistance than it is to supplant a suit since you utilized […]