Preservation of shoes is a hectic task
shoe repair,
15 Dec2017

Different methods can be adapted to remain shoes healthy, fit and clean for next seasons

Shoes are important and their storage and preservation is necessary

We wear shoes to protect our feet from dust, harsh weather and for protection. If shoes protect our feet from all these things, then they also require good attention in their preservation or storage. It is not a difficult task to keep them fit for next season by adopting different preserving methods.

Cleanliness is the first step in storage of your un-wanted shoes; not require for in upcoming season

Before storage of your un-wanted shoes, clean them properly to avoid extra shoe repair. If they are fabric shoes then give them a light wash with detergent and if they are leather shoes then polish them first, remove all dust from upper and remove it from the sole as well then polish them thoroughly and store them I a cool and dark place. If you give special care, place them a thick cotton fabric behind and over them to stay away from the weather effects. Don’t pack your leather stuff into polythene bags at all.

shoe repair

shoe repair

Sorting of shoes is good for their health

We use different shoes, different stuff and different material in different seasons. Seasonal sorting is very important. This will help you to maintain your shoe cabinet well. Leathers are in same rack, casuals and sportswear have the same rank, so keep them in the same rack and dress shoes must be separate from others. By this sorting you may use different shoes on different occasion and the real effect of this will be in front of you in the form of long life cycle of your all shoes. If you are not in this sorting exercise then you may use some pairs more than their needs and some pairs remain in peace forever n ever.

Find a dark and temperature-controlled storage space

Any type of shoe remains in their best condition and fit when they are in exposed in lots of heat, sunlight, cold or hot temperature. If you have this type of apartment in your home then fine otherwise store them under your bed with great care and with necessary treatment and packaging. Don’t store them in your garages, terraces and basements because they are warmer than your bed rooms while it is hot outside and colder than your bed room if it is winter outside.

Leathers Shoes

Leather Shoes fit & clean

You can stuff them with different type of material to remain them in original shape

If you are planning to store them for a long time, then stuff them with clothes or paper to maintain their shape. Use always white paper to stuff things because colored paper or newsprint may damage the stuff or color. Shoe trees are made of Cedar wood to keep them in fit condition and repel moths and other bugs from your shoes so stuff them with good shaped shoe trees.

Avoid storing them in wet condition.

Never ever store your shoes when they are wet, because it may ruin the stuff and its shape. Keep them dry first, if they are wet before storing. Good storing techniques may give your shoes healthy life.

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