Suede couch cushions look great, if they are neat and clean
Suede, Leather & waxed garments cleaning
8 Jun2017

They require care to give their impression

Suede couch cushions require care

We use suede abundantly in our furniture industry now a day. There are several reasons in its vast usage in this industry. It is very durable stuff, you can buy it easily from time to time if required and it fulfills the requirement of leather in some extents. Suede, Leather & waxed garments cleaning gives a neat and clean surface after cleaning. It is available in different colors and varieties. You can buy them according to your choice, matching or in contrast with your other things of furniture. Suede upholstery is in fashion now a day due to its easy cleaning. It requires care and gives new life to our furniture or cushions after every wash.

Protective sprays are available for suede upholstery

We use varieties of sofas and furniture where suede is used widely. Stains are also there where is furniture, so, stain removal from suede is another process but there are some protective sprays are available in the market that gives you a protective layer on the surface of your furniture or cushions to avoid permanent stains and marks of grime on the upper surface of your suede materials. It helps a lot in washing or cleaning of suede cushions. Most of these protective sprays are water solvent they give a protective layer against rough stains and grime spots.

Protective Sprays

Protective Sprays

Vacuum cleaner is good to remove dust from the hidden corners of suede furniture

Suede furniture is very easy to clean but proper attention requires in the cleaning of hidden portion of your furniture or sofas. For thorough cleaning of suede furniture shuffle the sofa couches and apply vacuum cleaning. This is the right way to protect the corners or hidden areas of your suede furniture. Suede cleaning brush is also effective for dust removing. Replacing of cushions from one place to the other place is also effective. By this, the cushions remain in same color and texture by shuffling the position.

Vacuum Cleaning

Vacuum Cleaning

Damp cloth is also good in suede cushions cleaning

If you want your suede neat and clean, then regularly clean them with damp cloth. This is the right and proper way to remain suede stuff neat and clean. Damp cloth doesn’t affect the upper surface of the suede but gives a new life to it. But keep in mind by using wet cloth on regular basis that avoid rubbing with damp cloth, this will peel off the upper layer of the suede surface and your cushions will look worse than before. Soft cleaning with damp cloth gives you a smooth and soft suede cushions.

Damp Cloth Uses

Damp Cloth Uses

Approved stain remover is good for the material

If there is tough or rough stain on the surface of the cushions, don’t rub it to remove. Apply a little quantity of approved stain remover and remove the stain with a gentle round motion. Label of the stuff once again is very important. It gives the whole information about the cleaning of the material and also gives the precautions that would be taken in this cleaning process. Gentle rub is very important in suede stain removing because its upper layer is very soft and can be damaged easily.

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