14 Nov2017

Ties shine your personality but require care and proper handling Ties are often ignored when it comes to consider them for cleaning or even taking precautions while preserving or packing them for traveling. But as any other wearable, this one needs appropriate care if you want it to last longer. Ties come in many materials […]

Bed Sheets
3 Oct2017

Fresh smell of your bed sheet makes you comfortable Bed Sheets Need Special Wash, Once a Week We spreadsheets on our bed to make them graceful, comfortable and soothing. Bed sheets are of different materials but cotton and silk bed sheets are popular all over the world due to their versatility. It is advised to […]

Jeans Washing
3 Aug2017

Jeans make you feel comfortable if it is cleaned properly Jeans is the most popular dress in the whole world. It is popular in men and women, boys and girls, old and young. It is not wrong if we say that there is no other dress like the jeans. Jeans is cotton stuff with denim […]

White dress dry cleaning
11 Jul2017

White clothes require a totally different set of instructions for perfect cleaning A housewife, a bachelor, an independent student or a working woman; who ever you are, knows the importance of keeping the white clothes clean and as white as new. But it is a difficult job and many of us do not buy white […]

professional dry cleaners
3 Jul2017

Its result is very good and fruitful Sorting is very important for good and careful washing Washing at home is not a science but it is an art. Washing procedure requires some techniques to produce good results. Long lasting life of clothes and wearing depend on this art of washing. Washing is not just to […]

Suede, Leather & waxed garments cleaning
8 Jun2017

They require care to give their impression Suede couch cushions require care We use suede abundantly in our furniture industry now a day. There are several reasons in its vast usage in this industry. It is very durable stuff, you can buy it easily from time to time if required and it fulfills the requirement […]

4 May2017

Ask for this miracle service from your dry cleaner to keep your new purchase protected You love the look of your brand new purchase, whether it is a garment, carpet or sofa set with fabric furnishing, any outerwear, purse, shoes etc. and want to protect it from every stain that can penetrate into it and […]

Leather Bag
29 Mar2017

Neat and clean leather bags and purse are essential for our daily life Neat and delicate Leather purse gives you confidence As a human being, we are always trying to impress others sometimes by our knowledge, by our good physique, by our wealth, by our talents, by our personality and sometimes by things we use […]