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Carpet Cleaning Service

Priory Dry Cleaner provides best carpet dry cleaning service all over the Gloucestershire and Worcestershire in a professional manner at lowest online rates. We have many years of experience, latest equipment’s and modest tactics for this hard job.

Carpet cleaning is such a challenging and difficult work to do and we suggest you try not to wash them at home because when carpets are wet, water increases their weight greatly and makes them impossible to rinse and swab.

It will take quality time to dry completely and start growing fungus rapidly and molding underneath if it remains soggy even a little bit. Tiresome procedures of steaming or shampooing are also not suitable solutions for cleaning your carpet because of the same results.

Getting your carpets cleaned professionally is quite a simple option which also saves you money because of the cheapest rates charged by our professional carpet cleaners. Priory Dry Cleaners offers you to make your carpet clean like new at your own place, our capable and expert team make your carpets and rugs spotless and shiny at your place according to your schedule with in no time.

Carpet Cleaning Process

Carpet dry cleaning makes the carpet complete dry and ready to walk on maximum in 1 to 2 hours. Following are few steps of carpet dry cleaning.

  1. In first step carpets are pre-vacuumed to remove all the dry dirt and soil from them. It is really essential to remove this dirt and soil from carpet because if any dust left in your carpet, it will became mud with dry cleaning solvents, which is much difficult to extract from the delicate fibers of your carpet. This pre vacuum get rids ofmore than 80% of dust and similar particles from carpets.


  1. After that carpet is cured by harmless dry cleaning solvents which are combinations of hydro carbons, alkalis, tri chloride ethane, de-cam-ethyl, pent-silo-xane, n-propyl bromide, liquid carbon dioxide, glycol and many more.


  1. For specific time, expert team of Priory Dry Cleaners leaves these solvents on carpet with which these chemicals goes deep down in carpet fibers and engrosses dissolving the contaminant particles. These chemical solvents break down the greasy residue which holds the filth tightly in carpet fibers, so it becomes easy now to remove stubborn stains from carpet.


  1. Hot water dipped soft bristled brush, absorption pads and cleaning brooms with conditioning fluid clean your carpet with a high speed spinning machine. These brushes and pads spin around on carpet with high speed and your carpet releases all its dirt and pet hairs on these absorbing pads which are continually changes during cleaning process.


  1. And at last, our team leaves the carpet for 1 to 2 hours. In which your carpets dry completely and ready to walk on. A measured carpet drying process is compulsory to dry your precious carpet to elude its softness and to avoid it from mildew. Expert carpet cleaning team of Priory Dry Cleaners rechecks your carpet again when it became dry and fix issues and remove stains if any of them are left.

Why Priory Dry Cleaners?

Dry cleaning solutions play an important role in carpet dry cleaning. Effective solvents remove more stains than other cleaning agents and deliver quality results of cleaning and shine. Over the years of experience Priory Dry Cleaner is expert enough to maintain and restores the shine and brightness of your carpet with managed chemical and solvent usage.

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