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Rug Cleaning by Priory Dry Cleaners

Priory Dry Cleaners professionally cleans your rugs for you. We have years of experience, simple approach and award winning customer service. On the other hand if it is rug & carpet cleaning, why not hire our Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner to spruce up your floor coverings to finish your spring cleaning?

Rug Doctor is no more difficult to use than a vacuum cleaner and can change your carpets by getting them cleaned deep down. Every year millions of home owners rent the Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner and achieve professional results at a great saving.

The Rug Cleaners Process

The different stages that a rug or carpet goes through are:-

Stage 1: Exceptional Service for all our Customers

We love rugs here at Priory Dry Cleaners so our technicians and cleaners will treat your rugs with the utmost care they deserve. Whether it is a Persian antique, Afghan or a regular modern rug from your local department store we know you love your rug and that is how we will treat it.

Stage 2: We Inspect Every Rug & Carpet Prior to Cleaning

We carry out a pre inspection or survey of the rug that is to be cleaned. We will note any damage, pet stains and any mark that is likely to be permanent or affect the cleaning process in some way.

Stage 3: Dry Soil removal and Power Vacuuming

Removing dry soil is important to ensure a fresh look after cleaning so we use a power vacuum combined with dusting grids and we dust the rug and the carpet by gently agitating the back of the rug which nocks the dust and soil down through the grids.

Stage 4: Colour Fastness Testing

Sometimes the colours can run so we always carry out colour fastness tests prior to cleaning. Most rugs don't run so don't let it put you off having your rug cleaned.

Stage 5: Rug Pre-conditioning

A professional and specialist cleaning agent is applied to the rug and carpet prior to cleaning. This cleaner will emulsify the soil and make it easier to extract out in the next step of the rug cleaning process. A professional Oriental rug groomer is used to help loosen the soil to enable a thorough clean. We only use soft brushes specifically designed for using on soft fabrics.

Stage 6: The Cleaning Method

The Rug is then thoroughly cleaned using one of our many rug washing methods. Each rug requires a different cleaning method. But don't worry, as they all have same price. Our rug cleaning company also provides and an extra guaranteed urine and pet stain and odour removal services.

Stage 7: Stubborn spots and stain removal

If any spot or stain still remaining on your rug they will get extra attention and treatment with our special spot cleaning solutions. All stains will be treated, if we do not get the stain out with our professional cleaning products, there may be nothing that will remove that stain! But we may still be able to 'bleach' it out or re-dye the area of concern upon request.

Stage 8: Post Cleaning

We use a gentle brush to groom the rug and the carpet so that all the fibres are laying in the same direction when you unroll your rug after it has been cleaned.

Stage 9: Stain Protector and Moth Repellent

This is available as an optional extra and will help to maintain a clean look for your rug longer. It will also make subsequent vacuuming quicker and more efficient. We can also apply a moth repellent to help stop related damage to rugs in storage.

Stage 10: Speed Drying

A controlled drying environment is needed to correctly dry rugs in order to avoid colour run problems. The team at Priory Dry Cleaners is able to ensure that all the rugs we care for are dried quickly and thoroughly using advanced drying centrifuges, air-movers or de-humidifiers.

Stage 11: Post Cleaning Inspection

The technicians here at Priory Dry Cleaners will re inspect the rug after it has dried and will work on any spots or stains that haven't been fully removed the first time around. This is the advantage of using our rug cleaning studios as we have the time to clean items again something we couldn't do if we just giving the rugs a quick clean in situ at your property.

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